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  • Date: 2012-02-28
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Function for anti-slip aluminium trim

1.On the surface of the anti-slip aluminium trim series there are grooves whose upside narrow and underside wide. Bottom of the grooves punched and screw matched. For installation, all the work has to be done is that workers use screws to fix the profiles on the ground and then the PVC inlays are set in the grooves.Workers may also directly fix the profiles to the floorboard or the ground. Workers also can fix the profiles by glue flooring.

2.After the PVC inlay embedded on the surface of the profile, it will be l-2 mm higher than the metal face. Because the inlay material is soft, it will be flexible when feet step on and meanwhile a quiet effect achieved. The soft inlay has slip-proof function because of the surface slip-proof strips.

3.lf installing ordinary aluminum profiles, due to frequent trample , it is likely for the screws to be loose and rise up which will easily hurt or stumble children and the old. But for this series, due to the covering of the soft inlay, can effectively avoid the bad situation.

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